Large Box Kits Special Pack 2 Box Kits Free 40% Discount

The perfect past time for beginner wood hobbyists and great for schools to introduce students to wood working. If you're stuck finding a gift for that difficult person, this could be your answer.

This Pack Consist of Large Box Kits of :                                                                           Tassie Oak sides and Blackwood Top,   Golden Sassafras Sides and Blackwoods  Top  

The kit consists almost entirely (excludes base) of Tasmanian timbers that are already cut to measure - all you need to do is assemble and join. 

 The kit includes the following parts:

Large Box

  • 2 sides measuring 250mm x 90mm x 10mm
  • 2 sides measuring 150mm x 90mm x 10mm
  • 1 top measuring 240 mm x 140mm x 10mm
  • 1 MDF base measuring 240 mm x 140mm x 5mm

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