Guitar Back & Sides Set - Tiger Myrtle

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Myrtle belongs to the same family as the beech tree of Europe, and is sometimes called Myrtle Beech or Australian Cherry.  It grows in the wet forests across Tasmania and requires moist and sheltered conditions.  

Tiger myrtle is perhaps the rarest of the myrtle colour decorations, the “tiger stripe” of contrasting dark brown - black is caused by fungal discoloration. The most dominant tiger stripe is displayed in quarter sawn timber.

Tasmanian Tiger Myrtle is highly sought after by woodworkers and Luthiers for musical instruments.

Generally this timber is used for making guitar and ukuleles backs and sides with the timber being quarter sawn and book matched


The set includes the following parts:

Back: 2 x Length 520mm x Width 210mm x Thickness 4mm

Sides: 2 x Length 920mm x Width 120mm x Thickness 4mm

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